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Coupon Keeper 2.06

Coupon Keeper 2.06

Coupon Keeper Publisher's Description

Coupon Keeper lets you browse coupons that you have without sifting through a huge stack of tiny papers. It keeps track of all of the important information about the coupon so you don't forget to use it and have it expire. It allows you to have and store all your coupon's information ready in your PDA , so you can review them anytime & anywhere. The expiration tracking system allows for you to check which coupons you have that are going to expire within a specified amount of time, in the end saving you money..

v1.1 Updates:

-Advanced searching options bug fixes
-Splash screen Redone and support for Sony Clies
-Increased search speed on older model palms

v1.2 Updates:

- Completely recoded coupon searching methods
- Fixed various highres/lowres/B & W compatibility issues.
- Expiration search feature added
- Re-wrote the initial splash screen to be more crisp
- Bug fixed program hanging in certain spots.
- Added coupon count to main menu
- Added os5 and hires icons with transparency
- Completely overhauled the coupon database calls for faster speed
- Bug fixed delete button on coupon browsing form
- Bug fixed forms not clearing when changing menus
- Many more major and minor bug fixes

v1.3 Updates:

- Updated coupon expiration search to function more effectively.
- Added support for wildcard searching in coupon finder area.
- Now allows for searching of the first three letters of the coupon name.
- Bug fixed the browsing function again.
- Other minor bug fixes and modifications including some small noticeable interface adjustments.

v1.5 Updates:

- Updated coupon addition area for better efficiency.
- recoded part of the browser area (un noticeable) for more effective browsing of coupons.
- Bug fixed the browsing function again.
- Other minor bug fixes and modifications including some small noticeable interface adjustments.

v1.6 Updates:

- Added hot tapicons to the add and find coupon areas for MUCH faster coupon recording.
- Added extra options to pull downs for better functionality and versitality
- Bugfixed expiration searcn results area.
- Added complete black and white screen support as well as made parts of it OS5 Enhanced.
- Added calendar select method for setting the expiration date of a coupon.
- Added calendar select method for selecting the expiration date in the "coupon finder" area as well.
- Added pulldown menu for provider in the add coupon area as well as an area for having a custom provider.
- Redesigned the entire add coupon screen for better visibility.
- Bugfixed the finder area and made browsing much more efficient.
- Added more options in the pulldown in expiration search.
- Existing users can upgrade to the new v1.6 and delete NSBSystemLib.prc from your palm to free up space.
- Revised the coupon finder area to be more user friendly and made the overall application faster and MUCH more functional.
- Added coupon duplicator function for very fast duplicating of coupons.

v1.7.5 Updates:
- Increased search speed for older model palm handhelds.
- Bug fixed add coupon area so the provider pull down doesn?t disappear.
- Bug fixed the modify coupons area so the saving of coupons is more effective.
- Bug fixed coupon numbers so they are better formatted.
- Delete button no longer sends you to the beginning of the coupons list.
- Added extra options under the type pull down menu in the add coupons section.

v1.8 Updates:
- Completely redone menu interface.
- Trial version is no longer crippleware. It is now a full 14 day trial.
- Complete coupons viewier & editor interface.
- Added full wildcard searching capabilities.
- Downsized overall application size by 200K (will take up less room on your palm.)
- better integrated palm interface.
- New pull down menu options.
- Auto Palm Pilot compatibility checking.

v2.05 Updates:
- Completely redone menu interface.
- Seperate High Res & Low Res Version.
- Allows for complete substring searching type in a few letters to find the coupon.
- Windows Desktop version in the making.
- Other enhancements and bugfixes.
- Fixed problem with crashing on T|5 devices.

v2.06 Updates:
- BugFixed icon problem from main interface

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